Peppermint Ice Cream!


OK, I know it is early, but when I saw this at BJ’s yesterday, I got very excited and just had to buy it! Yes, my most favorite time of year is coming……Christmas! I know it seems early and the stores seem to display their Christmas decorations earlier and earlier every year, but I don’t care! I actually bought another Santa Claus (yes, I have an obsession with him and he is pretty much in every room of our home) and an adorable hand blown glass tree that goes great with him at Marshalls. I just could not resist.

Anyhoo….I look forward to this time of year, as I know Edy’s Ice Cream will be bringing out their Peppermint Ice Cream. If you love Peppermint, you really need to try this. The vanilla ice cream is so creamy and it has nice chunks of peppermint swirls…..oh my gosh, my lips are smacking right now! What I love most is that Deanna and I are the only ones who like it, so more for us, that is….if I save some for Deanna. 🙂

So, if you will excuse me now, I cannot let this bowl of ice cream go to waste. 🙂


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