Reuben Casserole


One of the first things my Star and I found out about each other in the beginning of our relationship was that we both are REUBEN LOVERS!

It is true, whenever we go out for lunch to a local diner, bistro, cafe or a pub we both always order the Reuben, which must be corned beef not pastrami, duh! We were in Philly last week for an appointment and it was such a gorgeous Fall day that we decided to make a whole day of it. We walked around Philly for a bit and ended up on South Street. I love South Street! They have such unique shops, restaurants, bars, and THE best Cheese Steak at Pat’s (some might argue and say Geno’s, but we won’t go into that). We ended up having a bite to eat Jon’s Bar & Grille (the birthplace of Larry Fine, from the Three Stooges).

We looked over the menu and we both said, “I’m having the Reuben.” Ok, I will go outside of the box and order something completely different, as they had so many yummy sandwiches. I decided on the grilled chicken tuscan flatbread and it was awesome! But, the best part is my love did share a bite or two of his Reuben with me. 🙂 It was so nice sitting outside, enjoying each other’s company with some great food and a nice cold beer.

When I came across this recipe for a Reuben Casserole, I got all lit up inside, yes I did! I thought what a great idea and why the heck didn’t we come up with this?!

Let me tell you this came out amazing! My Star has already told me “you will definitely be making this again.”

Note: We did cut the corned beef and swiss cheese to only 1/2 lb. I am sure if you make it with 1 lb each, it will be much meatier (is that a word) and cheesier! If you want to add more rye bread, have at it! Make it your own.

1 family size package kraut (drain half of the juice)
1 lb corned beef (deli slice and either pull or chop in chunks)
Parsley (can be dried or fresh) to taste
1 lb swiss cheese
1 bottle Thousand Island Dressing
5-6 slices of Rye Bread
Cracked Pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350 – Grease a large 9 X 13 casserole dish with cooking spray

Spread entire package of kraut on bottom of dish

Layer half of the corned beef on top and sprinkle with parsley

Pour about 3/4 of the bottle of Thousand Island Dressing evenly over the layers

Layer on half of the swiss cheese

Repeat the steps of corned beef, parsley, dressing and cheese.

Take the slices of rye bread and butter each side. Cut into cubes, place on top of casserole and add some freshly ground black pepper. The rye bread makes for a crunchy toasted topping that melts together with the cheese!!!

Place in oven and bake for 20 – 25 min or until the bread toasts to your liking!

Simply amazing!


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