Me!My name is Cindy, aka, Moonlight. My Love, aka Star, Joe, gave me this nickname on our second (or was it our third) date. We took his Jeep to the lake that night and as we were gazing at the moon and stars he told me I looked beautiful in the moonlight. That night as I was driving back home, he text the words from the Green Day song Last Night on Earth….”you are the moonlight of my life every night…giving all my love to you…my beating heart belongs to you…I walked for miles till I found you.” Isn’t that just unbelievably sweet! I said to him, “you are the Star in the Moonlight.” Sickly sweet, I know….but we both knew from our first date over two years ago, that this was it. We actually met from an online dating website. I am truly blessed to have this wonderful man who adores me and still gives me butterflies.

OK, so that is how the name came to be. Now, why we decided to start this blog is because we are foodies! We have such passion and love for food! We are pretty much always in the kitchen together creating new recipes or changing up existing recipes with our own style.

At the Eagles game!

This is our family, my daughter Shannon and Joe’s children, Joseph and Deanna.

The Happy Family!

Our beloved Tisha!

We hope you enjoy our blog!


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  1. Good luck with this guys!! very nice. i appreciate that you have step by step photos rather than only a finished plate photo. recipe books never have that so- thank you!! dont know which recipe i’ll try this weekend- they all look good 🙂

  2. Man I wish I had found your site about 3 hours ago. I was looking for a good New York style Cheesecake. But now that I have your site I will stick with you. Thanks and good luck, fun cookin! Im a foodie too, and with winter coming I really look for new things to try.

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