We would love for you to contact us with any questions or if you have any recipes that we should try.


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  1. I have a recipe you may enjoy since you like pumpkin so much but I have to warn you you won’t use any pumpkin at all. It is SQUASH PIE using butter nut/acorn squash.I always made it with home made crust using about 1 cup of flour,dash of salt and milk for the crust or you can use your own crust.The custard is made the same way as pumpkin but instead you will use 2 cups of squash that had been seeded and cooked down and mashed. I passed on recipes to my daughters and my youngest has one for a SQUASH SHEET CAKE with cream cheese icing.i HAVE A NEPHEW THAT DOES NOT LIKE SQUASH BUT AS LONG AS WE DIDN’T TELL HIM IT WASN’T PUMPKIN HE ATE IT LIKE THERE WAS NO TOMORROW.I will have to get Paula to send you some of those recipes.She even has one for HOMEMADE CINNAMON BUNS made with 1 cup of mashed potatoes.

  2. For the pie do everything you would do for pumpkin pie BUT use the BUTTERNUT/ACORN SQUASH instead.I would get the squash from my in-laws and peel.cut in half length wise,remove the seeds and put it in a pot with alittle water and mash down the squash and then freeze it in the old cool whip containers.When I mad the pies or cake I would use the whole container because it was about 2 cups give or take. Have you ever made Boston Creme pies completely from scratch? I will have to get Paula to send you the recipes.

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