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Turkey Stromboli


This recipe we created last year with our leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner.  Truly one of my favorite recipes!

We made this recipe with Pillsbury Pie Crust, which makes for a nice flaky breading and we also made it with pizza dough, which gave it more of a true stromboli flavor (if you know what I mean, just more doughier). We loved them both! Another great idea would be to add some leftover vegetables, like corn, peas, or even some mashed potatoes. We actually made a few of these last year and put them in the freezer.


1 Pillsbury Pie crust or pizza dough

Leftover turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degree

Roll out pie crust (or pizza dough)

Layer turkey

Spoon stuffing and cranberry sauce over turkey

Roll dough over mixture and tuck/pinch in ends and make a few slits on top with a knife

Bake for approximately 40-45 minutes til golden brown.

We like to heat up some leftover gravy and add it on top. YUMMY!


Thanksgiving Menu!


We absolutely look forward to Thanksgiving every year! Bring on the turkey and, best of all, the LEFTOVERS! It is such a great holiday, as it’s all about eating, being with the ones you love, and what we are truly thankful for.

I am starting to plan out our menu and this is what I have so far:

First, we must always, always, always, start the day with some homemade Bloody Marys. This is something that my Mom has done since as long as I can remember and she truly does make the best Bloody Marys. She has tried to show me how, but there is no measuring involved here it’s just pour some of this, some of that, add this, add that. Really, Mom?

Brined turkey (my Star’s recipe, which is absolutely amazing, so moist!), it did take some convincing to get him to reveal his process, but I have my ways….. 🙂

Candied yams

Cranberry dressing

Mashed potatoes

Homemade biscuits

Vegetable side dish, which I am still trying to figure out. If anyone has a great dish they would like to share, please post it under comments. My sister-in-law, Shelly, has a great baked asparagus dish, but I never got the exact ingredients/measurements and I pretty much just winged it and the results were meh! Hint, hint….Shelly.

Salad (not sure of this either, again if you would like to share one, please comment)

Dessert – thinking of something with apples

But the best part is the leftovers! We created a dish a few years ago, which we named “Turkey Stromboli.” Details will come later, but here is a picture of me making it.

You will love this recipe!

I cannot wait to eat! Bring on Thanksgiving!